Disaster Restoration

Hurricane season in the Southeast is a time that many local residents worry: “What if a storm hits? What if my house is flooded?” Hurricanes aren’t the only acts of nature that can cause a disaster—severe flooding can occur in a torrential rainstorm, and can happen year round.

If your home or business incurs water damage, you’ll be facing the potential ruination of personal property. And not all the damage is immediate or obvious. As dampness sets into your house, you run the risk of toxic black mold taking hold on your premises. Dealing with the chaos, the destruction, and the potential for toxic black mold growth is a very daunting proposition. Contact Commonwealth Rapid Dry—one of our rapid response teams will be at your premises quickly to remediate your property, dry out your home or business, and seek out and eradicate any toxic black mold before it causes health issues for you or your family or further destruction of your structure.

We have a wide range of equipment to dry out your premises, find any hidden dampness, salvage valuable personal property, and to eradicate any black mold spores before they start to grow.

If you have been affected by a storm, hurricane or flood, call Commonwealth Rapid Dry at 757-898-0215. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.